30 March, 2011

Footy Tipping 101

It was a baby-fest at TP Hospital on Friday! We were celebrating the return to town of one of our doctors, who has recently had twins (one of each) and one of our nurses, who just had her 4th baby (a boy after 3 girls!). Also in attendance were a couple of other recent TPH staff offspring and lovely neighbour/colleague whose second babe is due in May. I don't know what was more delicious...the splendid morning tea (nurses do an awesome morning tea!) or the babies.
Hmm, I clucked more than chooky-la-la. The talk of the morning was that one of our other docs is about to get his vasectomy license!! It seems many of the women of TP have put their partners on the waiting list, Ade and I are out in front with regards to this trend!!!
Here's another fantastic Pilbara sunset...
Little bit of trumpet blowing now...I am taking part (for the first time ever) in a footy-tipping comp. For the non-Aussies/ non-betting: Australian (Rules) Football League (AFL) season has just started and I am in a TPH competition to tip the winners in each round. I tipped 8/8 in Round 1!!!! Allow me to let you into my secrets...
I tipped Carlton because I like Rebecca Twigley who is from Perth and, despite being very beautiful and stylish chose terrible bridesmaids dresses for her pals (she's married to Chris Judd who plays for Carlton).
I tipped Geelong over St Kilda because The Secret Life of Us was filmed in St Kilda and all of those brats irritated me at some point and I'm only just forgiving Joel Edgerton. Also my pal Jo currently lives in Geelong (although may be moving to Bali soon, which is nearer to TP than Geelong is!!).
I tipped Collingwood beacuse Chris would be disappointed in me if I didn't ;)
I tipped the Eagles and the Dockers because I am one of a minority of West Aussies who cares little for either side and so can tip both.
I tipped Sydney and Adelaide because neither are Victorian sides (I believe 'footy' is a Victorian invention and certainly the league is Victorian heavy), I am a believer in a fair go for every state!!
So, you'll understand that I am likely to tip the same teams each week, and subsequently am unlikely to be able to sustain my lead!
On the trumpet blowing theme: I was in TP's unexpectedly good gift shop, Curio Corner, last week when a fellow customer started raving about me to her visiting mother, "Mum, this is the fantastic nurse I told you all about who was so brilliant when little Johnny had one of his dreadful migraines" (there were superlatives but I can't remember exactly which ones!). I was chuffed :)


  1. Love your footy tipping thought process. You might be on to something. GO DOCKERS!

  2. Hip hip hooray for an outstanding nurse.

  3. Aww, shucks Curious :)
    Rooneys, just did my tips for round 2, watch this space!! Happy birthday party xxxxx

  4. So proud and pleased! How great to get such an accolade. We shall soon be the visiting M&D to TP and look forward to eavesdropping on such conversations!

  5. No guarantees Ma. Can't wait for your visit xxxxxx