05 March, 2011

Child-care challenge

Hello and thank you to all of you lovely friends and family who read this blog. I know you are out there and enjoying it because of the lovely phone calls, emails, fb messages and comments we get. I also have access to statistics which show me what a popular and widely read blog LunaRover has turned out to be!! Big hugs to our 3 'followers' and those who have 'commented'; these people, it seems, jumped enormous hurdles because blogger requires you to have a royal wedding invitation, or at the very least a Gmail account, before it will allow you to comment!
This post is dedicated to Lisa (xx) who wondered about childcare...
F & E in the staff room, eating breakfast in front of  the Foxtel (ah Foxtel, you are a great babysitter and a totally awesome companion on night shifts!!)
So, when I work an early the girls join me at the hospital. They eat breakfast while I get handover. School starts at 8.00am so just after 7.30am they make their way over to TP Primary.
Walking to school (it's not really raining but the English in them loves nothing more than putting up a brolly!). This photo is taken from the hospital back door and the school is just visible at the end of the street.
The pre-primaries finish at 2.00pm and the kind Mrs Astbury entertains Esther until Freya finishes and collects her 10 minutes after that.Then they walk back to the hospital where they have a further 20-30 minutes in the company of Foxtel (and all the kids whose mums work at the hospital) before we can all go home (I finish at 3.00pm).
They both do a heap of after school activities so I have also called on other mums to assist; each morning we have a pow-wow to make sure everyone knows everyone else's movements!! It's not an ideal arrangement but it has worked so far. Freya has been a marvellous and responsible chaperone for her little sister, we are very proud of them both.
This week was Esther's turn to do the Jonker family proud at the school assembly! She received her honour certificate "for a fantastic effort to the school year and her comprehension of stories". I think maybe E's teacher needs to put a bit more effort into her grammar.
While I'm on an Esther trip...
A bit more awesome Esther art and writing 
I frequently wonder how such plain and photogenically-challenged parents produced such gorgeous daughters :)


  1. Hey Louise, I wonder if you can change your comment settings? I can comment at other blogger blogs where you can either comment anonymously (and can moderate comments so you avoid all those spammy comments) or allow name and url (which menas other people with blogs are more likely to link you?) just a thought. I, too, am immensely enjoying the day to day life stories. I think it the minutae of other people's lives which I find compelling about blogs xx

  2. Hey Lou,I have tried a couple of times to comment, I thought it was just me!! Well Done Esther on your certificate, Matilda was well impressed to:)

  3. Hello Anon, (Nads do you mind if I blow your cover??!!). Will get around to emailling you soon, thanks for keeping in touch xxx

  4. I have so wanted to comment and to say how much I enjoy reading about what you are all up to in TP, so hope this gets posted.
    I am so proud of F & E (so beautiful and clever!) and of you and Ade and we are really looking forward to sharing this life for a few weeks very soon! M&D xxx

  5. Hi mum, love you, can't wait to see you xxxxxx