06 March, 2011


Ahem, it appears that with just a small amount of fiddling (and a prompt from Amanda), I may have enabled anyone to comment on this blog...go on, give it a go!!!


  1. Works for me! Also, meant to say that neither you nor Ade are plain! I always think you are much nicer looking Gwyneth but agree that there are some people who photograph well, for instance Izzy alway looks great in her facebook pics whereas I never post any as I look so awful.

  2. Hi Lou,

    Tried to comment a few times but it has never worked so i'll try now :) Loving the blog and looks like you are having great fun in TP. School finishes soo early though!! :) Congrats girls on the certificates. I have been showing the pics of Esther to Declan and he is enjoying them :)

    Gemma & Declan x

  3. Hey Gem!
    Glad you like the blog, more soon...
    Hope Declan loves PP as mush as Esther! She still talks a lot about her BCPS pals (and Mrs Wylie!).
    Love to you all xx