14 March, 2011


I've lost my camera :(
No worries though, I still have my iPhone (j'adore my iPhone!) so I can still illustrate m'blog:
Did a bit more planting this w/e. The Jonkers lurve the little Pilbara frogs, although their wee-ness makes me suspect that they are only good for snake food and hopeless at controlling the steroid guzzling insects that roam these parts.
Feel like chicken tonight? (Like chicken tonight) Well tough bananas! This morning TP Coles showed how cutting edge it is by being short of food.  http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1214782/Food-shortage-the-next-global-challenge
Cute! However parents more grateful than child me thinks: Lauren and I held him down while Sarah stitched his brow!! Incidentally, loss of camera means loss of photo of Thai-Magnum feast consumed at Sarah's last w/e. It was v v yummy :)
Jamie's 30 minute meals arrived last week (thanks mum, love you x). This is Jamie's chicken pie, I didn't have fresh thyme (seeds not in yet!) so used dried tarragon instead, it was delish.
Esther recycles...breakfast cereal sentry is on permanent duty in our hallway.
Freya and her pal I. The girls had their first TP sleepover last w/e. Freya invited I to stay with us and Esther went to stay at I's house with her little brother. All the kids had a great time.
Accepted! We have been given a booklet with directions to all the local water holes and camp sites. They like us!!!

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  1. We will see what duty free cameras HK has to offer en route to you!