12 January, 2011

Up Lift

Today started with another goodbye, see you soon Nanny and Pop :)

See you in TP xxxx

The day then rapidly went to poop when, forgetting that our car had an already packed roof rack, I endeavoured to park it in the shade of our car port...
A taster of the damage I did :(

I have killed the roof of the car and put paid to transporting anything to TP on the roof rack.  I felt sick and Ade was furious (he luuurves the landrover).  The good news is that the car is drivable and we are still on track to leave Friday; and, though we are still a long, long way from laughing about this, it is just a car and no one was hurt.

On a happier note, our native front garden continues to flower (despite Edward Scissorhands' pruning efforts) and our tenants (yes, we have some!!) will enjoy some late Summer blooms.
Beautiful coral gum
The movers arrived and emptied the house into 1.5 sea containers; who knew we had that much stuff?! So we are officially "up-lifted".

Freya was particularly in need of an up-lift this arvo after saying goodbye to A, her bestest friend and the Jonker family's third daughter.  It was a very sad occasion, for Freya and for yours truly (who was still emotionally fragile after the morning's debacle). 
We'll all miss you A!
We finished our day eating well and resting up at Liesl's place which feels fitting since she was so kind and reassuring when Ade hated me this morning ;)

Tomorrow...cleaning (sigh).


  1. I have a friend who has trashed her expensive italian road bike 3 times by forgetting it was on the roof rack. Remember to breathe.

  2. All the best with everything. When you head out on the open road all this will be behind you! Have a happy and safe trip.

  3. Thank you Amanda and Rooneys for your kindness. Wise words from both. Today was much better in many ways despite the cleaning and further goodbyes. We are all excited about setting off tomorrow xx