26 January, 2011

Australia Day

Today we had lots of fun on the inflatable. Breakfast was divine, you could have lamb, sausages, bacon, eggs and a bun. There was mango juice with ice and out the front they gave away balloons, balls and flags. We saw our friends Shia, Kira and Mia and I made a new friend called Janelle. She is going up to year 4 in Central. I only just met her at the last minute.                                           

The pool was fun, we loved it. I weared the flippers and I went in the race when we were doing the race and I winned every time. When I went on the inflatable I falled off a few times. The pool was nice and cool. I had for breakfast lamb, a sausage and bacon and eggs in a roll. We love all of the things that we did.


  1. Hmm, maybe I could hire them to deal with all my blog posting as well? No pavlova? Xo

  2. No, I failed to action a pav, bad Aussie xx