14 January, 2011

On the road.

It wasn't the early start that Ade had planned after a number of farewell/ birthday drinks with Silke and Mark last night. However, it was the friendly, non-dramatic send off we had wanted :)

See you in September boys!                        

We have had a fairly uneventful drive up so far.  We had our picnic lunch in Northampton (51km north of Kalbarri).  The girls climbed a tree (and looked angelic even though they have squabbled and bickered almost constantly and I am pretty sure they are not related to any angels).  They watched their portable DVD player a lot (great Christmas present Nonna), although they argued about which movies to watch...

Our journey was in danger of being ruined after lunch as we got further North and the temperature rose.  The landrover, whose 15 year old radiator and air-conditioning works beautifully in the cool climes and short journeys around Perth and South-West WA, started to overheat at a constant speed of 110kph.  We spent a while with the air-con off and the afternoon sun burning straight through my non-tinted window.  After an hour Ade worked out that the car could be appeased by a constant 105kph; after that same hour I was in a foul mood and planning other damage to the stupid car.

We haven't seen much of the red earth that this part of WA is known for.  Recent rain, and floods :( , have greened up The Gascoigne and it is, I imagine, about as lush as it gets.
Grass verges!
And so we have made it 904km to Carnarvon for our overnighter.  Ade has already hit the sack and the girls and I should follow his lead...

This is what happens to landrovers that misbehave!

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