23 January, 2011

Hamersley Gorge

Last day of the holidays for me, I start my new job at TP hospital tomorrow: 1 part nervous, 1 part excited, 1 part indifferent (it is still a job after all). To celebrate our last day of family holiday we went to Hamersley Gorge.
Hamersley Gorge is located on the North-West edge of Karijini, about a 40min drive from our house. We went in our stupid tourist footwear but, fortunately, this is one of the easier gorges to access (rudimentary steps) and I was relieved to be spared the embarrassment of having to be rescued wearing bathers and thongs.
As is usual with the Jonkers, Esther and Ade did the adventuring; Freya and I lamented not bringing the fly nets for our hats.
I had suspected foul play from the tourist bureau until Ade pointed out that the seasonal rains had washed the red dirt into the rivers and the glossy pictures in the brochures were undoubtedly taken in the dry when the water is crystal clear. The orange opaque pools were, however, very refreshing, shame there wasn't one at the top of the gorge because the trek back up was gruelling!

This afternoon we went to meet our immediate neighbours. To our right are F & S. He is the manager of Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, she is a part-time nurse at the hospital, they have a 2.5 year old son. Opposite is J, a plumber on the mine and a keeper of chooks, he welcomed us with a dozen eggs. J has been here 9 years, he reckons it's a great street, so far I've no reason to disagree with him.

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