22 January, 2011

The last box

Our last evening in temporary accommodation was marked by a spectacular electrical storm. From Esther's bedroom window we watched the distant lightening flash and crack through the clouds on the horizon.  Ade and I thought it was better (and longer lasting) than any firework display we'd ever seen, the girls disagreed... not enough colour (!)

Last night was our first in our new house and today another milestone...the last box was opened! I say "opened" rather than "unpacked" because it turns out we have brought a lot of stuff with us that there is no room for here. The girls' schoolwork which I can't bring myself to ditch will remain in its cardboard confines until we move back to Perth, at which point I will probably decide that I can live without 12 terms worth of 'daily writing' and it all goes in the bin.
3 Ingerup Place, pretty ugly from the front.
So unpacking and cleaning this morning with hot cross buns for morning tea, it pains me that they are available in January but I do love a hot cross bun and was unable to resist. Coles is TP's only supermarket but so far it has everything we've needed, and fresh turmeric which I haven't seen in Riverton Woolies for a long while.
Ade's having trouble without his fan forced oven...his oven?!
Ade blogging...nah! Girls resting after cleaning up...nah!
This afternoon we left the rest of the cleaning and went back to the pool for some fun on the inflatable. On our third attempt Esther and I managed to get all the way to the end. On our last effort I nearly sank the inflatable, embarrassing but true.
F & E take over the hose

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