18 January, 2011

Max is back!!

This post should have appeared yesterday but the stupid pc went offline and I hadn't saved anything I'd written...an important lesson that I should have already learned.

The rain continues, mainly overnight, but more than is usual for a TP wet season (apparently), and so the humidity is high. The mosquitoes are digging the conditions and enjoying the fresh blood (mine). The insects here are large: huge grasshoppers (locusts?), moths the size of baby eagles, inch-long ants, haven't seen a spider yet...

Max the cat jetted in yesterday and spent a secret night with us at the caravan park (no pets). We all moved out this morning and into a hospital townhouse for the next 3 nights while the tiler and electrician finish their business at 3 Ingerup Place.
Our chalet at the Caravan Park (I've been calling it that but when we left today I noticed that we had actually been staying at the Tourist Park, which is far fancier!)
 Ade attempted the 4WD track up Mt Nameless yesterday but the rain has made the track impassable at present. It is an impressive and colourful rock that my photo does no justice.
Mt Nameless or Jarndunmunha

F & E at the TP skate park
The hard work of unpacking started today. Allied Pickfords transported 216 items for us so it will take a while to get through all the boxes! We are back for more tomorrow but have promised the girls a morning at the TP pool on Thursday if they can make it through the day with minimal fighting.

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