31 May, 2011

Domestic update

Ho-hum, it's back to the day-to-day after the fever of G&G's visit; however, there are still a shed load of things to be grateful for and delighted about, for instance...
Sweet potato pie
Dear S-I-L Liesl surprised me with a parcel containing 'Jamie's America' (us Jonker/Ludgerus/Munfords are BIG Jamie fans and Liesl is kind and often this generous x). So I set to work cooking up a Southern storm on my day off. The beans and pork will be eaten with rice and some salad leaves from our garden and, as J.O. suggests, the sweet potato pie will be accompanied by clementine cream (actually mandarin cream since TP Coles doesn't stretch to clementines, although I did just buy a duck there, but that's another post...).
Southern red beans and pork
Miniature vegetable/herb garden moved to the front fence to soak up the winter sun.
More reasons to be cheerful:
  • eating things we've grown from seed. 
  • glorious winter weather; cool mornings and evenings (7 degrees) but then fabulously warm days (27 degrees!). 
  • winning at netball 2 weeks in a row :)

Chooky-la-la and her hen friends have been foiled in their attempt to completely bury the patio in poop. They are still not laying any eggs so I will shortly be looking to Jamie for some chicken recipes.

Circus Royale is the buzz around town. They have downed caravans on the oval near North TP Primary which is on my jogging route. I spotted 3 cows, 5 ponies, 2 llamas and 2 camels grazing on the cricket pitch. We're going tonight, I wonder what tricks the cows do...


  1. That sweet potato pie looks incredible hun! what was it like?! x

  2. Hi Lou,
    Country living seems to be suiting you.

  3. how is are the plants from "my" garden doing?

  4. Ms E, the pie was delish!!
    Jo, country living just doesn't afford the same shopping opportunities as metro life...sigh ;)
    Anon, put me out of my misery, who are you?!

  5. The pie looks delish Lou. Would be a good book to have that one i am sure!! Hope you are all well...Gemma (and hugs to Esther from Declan :))

  6. Hi Gem, got quite upset reading fb updates today :( Glad you and yours are safe and well. Hugs to y'all xo
    ps I recommend J's America!

  7. We also had a circus in town, but you beat us with the ponies and cows. We had one llama and dogs. The big top was not much bigger than our camping tent, the show cost 5 euros and lasted one hour. It was here two nights before moving on to the next village but one. We did not go but I hope the shows were well attended. What other similarities does rural living in Oz and France have, besides circuses, keeping chickens, growing your own veg and lack of retail therapy?

  8. Hmm, I've had to think about this Hilary. I suspect other similarities are a better climate than the UK, incredible night skies and tourists (don't know about tourists in your neck of the woods...) x