22 May, 2011


Aunty Stella had sent m & d away with a healthy dose of GBP in order to treat themselves and the Jonkers to a meal out once they hit TP (thanks Aunty Stella!). Fine dining is not an option in Tompers but we had been told that Windawarri Lodge put on a good spread...
The Lodge provides motel accommodation and we knew it had a 'buffet' restaurant; what we didn't understand until our first visit was that The Lodge caters mainly for mine workers of the FIFO variety and the buffet is actually a canteen complete with formica tables, a slops bucket and the Traffic Light System found in school canteens. Esther was keen that we all wear dresses, I'm glad we refrained since just our necklaces edged Grandma and I precariously close to being overdressed.
At this point I should clarify that we had a fantastic meal (swordfish steak, sirloin grilled to order...) and it was a perfect place to take the girls since they could try every dessert. It is also licensed with the cheapest restaurant bar I've ever come across (beware, the bar closes between 7pm and 7.30pm so you need to line your drinks up). There were plenty of other families eating out so we didn't feel conspicuous among all the hi-vis clad mine workers coming off shift and into the canteen. Indeed it was so enjoyable and such good value we went back 2 nights later to spend the rest of Aunty Stella's pounds!!

Grandma checks to see whether Esther can fit in another dessert

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