17 May, 2011

Net, set...make-over!

Esther has started 'NetSetGO!', a junior netball program which teaches young children how to surreptitiously injure their opponents using their elbows netball skills, social skills, sportsmanship and an understanding of the game of netball. So far she loves it!
Wish I was this enthusiastic about netball! 
Continuing on the Esther trip...the pre-primary classes hosted a 'mummy make-over' to, belatedly, celebrate mother's day, Grandma was invited too. It was a wonderful morning, well organised and well attended. Esther and her classmates are entirely gorgeous, they all had a lovely time, as did Grandma and I.
Pasta necklace, I know I don't look impressed but I LUFF my necklace
Decorating biscuits
Grandma gets a facial
The artist at her easel
I think she has captured my essence
It's worth more with a signature!
Chocolate pudding hand massage, the mums fought hard to stop their offspring eating the pudding!
Threading a heart <3
Decorating a crown for me; in Esther world glitter is the only decoration
Grandma assists with stapling
Me, my littlest and all my goodies, what an ace morning!
Time for a book before leaving the kids to clean up!


  1. Aww how sweet. Gemma

  2. It was a lovely morning! Esther made me feel very special :)