17 May, 2011

Bruce Almighty

Inspired by our triumph at Jarndrunmunhna and Freya's successful ascent of Big Ben, Munfords and Daughter attempted the walk up Mt Bruce.  If it were just a walk I have no doubt that we would have reached the summit, us being experienced walkers an'all...however, after an hour Bruce became a rock climb and we are just not into that. Our reluctance to scale rocky walls was upheld by a (young) English couple who were ahead of us and who surrendered just after we did. The weather also got a bit Welsh and not at all conducive to the ascendance of WA's second highest peak. And so we retreated to the car park where we ate our sandwiches.
So far, so good...the approach

The views were pretty impressive even from half way up

The retreat
M & D in front of Chinaman's Hat, the Mt Bruce pre-peak that eventually stumped us


  1. It's a bit tricky in places but I loved it. I do, however, rock climb...

  2. Teresa has volunteered to escort me on my next attempt (I shall refer to her as my Sherpa guide). I'll have to psych myself up for the vertigo I suffered at those 'cliff faces', but I swear I will plant my flag at Bruce's summit!!!
    ps Antarctica sounds like an awesome mission :)

  3. Crikey, the way you're all dressed it could be the Lake District. Am having to radically rethink my pilbara weather assumptions

  4. Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue but the mornings and evenings are chilly. We had plenty of grey while mum and dad were here and a fair amount of rain...in the dry season. Most people in TP were rethinking their weather assumptions!