28 February, 2011

Social butterflies!

The Jonkers were busy with a social life this weekend. Junior Jonkers have had a social life pretty much from day 1; Freya and Esther have school, play-dates, dance classes, gymnastics... Ade and I were slower off the mark, although my tea party with Mary-Mary but me ahead of Ade in the social stakes.
So Saturday night was Justine's leaving 'do', a water themed shin-dig at Barb's place (have enormous envy of anyone with alfresco capabilities), had a jolly nice time and F & E endeared themselves to M-M and her guest. A late night for us and the girls!
Esther & Mary-Mary play Littlest Pet Shops!

Bye Justine, I've known you long enough to appreciate how much I and TPH will miss you x
The girls did some indoor activities and recruited Barb's boys in their campaign for a Wii... 
Esther the Siren captivates Carrie-Anne
Dessert by M-M, empty dishes all around :)
Sunday night saw the Jonkers entertaining at home, Jamie did Greece and I followed suit. Wish I'd taken some food fotos but we were too busy eating. For the record, LAFE, M-M and Tony, Dr Sarah and Nurse Lauren ate Greek salad and hummus (by Lou), Lamb cutlets (by Ade) and Gigantes Plaki and Simple Stuffed Veg (by Jamie O). Yummy!!!                  

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