12 February, 2011


The Phoenician city of Gebal was named Byblos by the Greeks, because it was through Gebal that papyrus (bublos; Egyptian papyrus) was imported into Greece. Hence the English word Bible is derived from byblos as "the (papyrus) book." The present day city is now known by the Arabic name Jubayl or Jbeil. Byblos or Gebal is located on the Mediterranean coast of present-day Lebanon.
Ah Wiki, you are so smart.
Ade is now employed by Byblos Construction Pty. He started work yesterday as a TA (trades assistant). Byblos does housing construction and renovation in town and has contracts on the mine too so Ade will be assisting a whole heap of tradies. He works 5.5 days a week, 10 hours a day and his hourly rate is more than mine (he is quietly smug about this). He now has some mega masculine work boots and our washing line looks like every other in TP, which along with his new "bread-winner" status has seen a spike in testosterone levels at 3 Ingerup Place.
Working man's washing line! This also gives y'all an idea of how enormous and awful our back garden is, we have a fair amount of work ahead if we ever want to invite pals around for a BBQ!
And so the school run/child care/after-school activities juggle begins...
This morning Freya signed up for gymnastics on Thursdays, sadly there is no class for Esther's age group so I put her name down for Netta (beginners Netball!), this will be Mondays next term. Freya is auditioning this week for a school production of Wind in the Willows- the musical, rehearsals Tuesdays. Both girls will hopefully start swimming lessons on Wednesdays. We also drove out to the Pony Club to see about riding lessons, there was no one to be found but I now have an email address and have promised F that I will investigate further. Esther has a pal whose mum is a horse owner, she is my plan B!
So you can see that with both of us working full time we will have to be very creative (and persuasive) in organising various drop offs and pick ups. Rather depressingly, night shifts for yours truly are an attractive prospect in managing this juggle :(
F & E baked up a storm this afternoon, bread rolls and cupcakes (we are a carb-friendly family!)
Bread rolls with CHEESE
Mmm, sugary loveliness

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