17 February, 2011

Pot pourri

Busy busy busy at Chez Jonker, so a brief update...
Freya the super student scored an honour certificate in the first assembly of the school year! "For the persistence and organisation you have shown in class. Freya, I love how you have started the school year. Keep up the super effort."
Ade and I are sooo proud :)
Esther has also been wildly impressive at school, check out her super cute drawing and writing...
I have to spend a day in the video conference room at work tomorrow endeavouring to stay awake for the duration of the WACHS Pilbara mandatory clinical skills induction day (snore). I will have a bed-fellow for the day and her name is Mary, she will make the day bearable and has planned afternoon tea at her place to celebrate our completion of this tedium. My contribution will be peanut biscuits which I made this evening.
1 egg, 1 cup crunchy peanut butter, 1 cup soft brown sugar, mix, put in oven for 20 mins, YUM.
Our seedlings are growing!
It was 39 degrees in Perth yesterday and 23 degrees in TP, what's with that??!!


  1. Conratulations Freya Well done!!!! Keep up the good work.
    Lovely art and writing Esther!!!! Is the cat Max?
    Nice Cookies Louise I bet they went down a treat.
    Your seedlings look great. I shall try and send you some seedlings in the next parcel anything in particular you would like?
    Hi Ade hope the job is good.
    Love H XXOO

  2. Any flour in that cookie recipe? Do you know the chinese govt banned me from looking at anything with blog in the url? How tedious was a week without blogs, twitter or facebook. Big hugs to those clever girls.