24 February, 2011


Despite his horrendously long working days (10 hours Mon-Fri, 6 hours Sat), Ade found the energy to attend his first St John's Ambulance training night yesterday. He always fancied himself as a life saver since his first anaesthetic tech shift where he resuscitated a newborn (my hero!) and he misses using his skills and knowledge.
The ambulance service (and the fire service) in Tom Price consists totally of volunteers and they seem to be a dedicated and professional bunch. Last night's training was 'Burn Management' which they were all up on since they brought a patient with facial burns into the hospital a couple of days ago (whom they handed over to yours truly), an excellent case-study! The evening was also a successful networking opportunity for Ade, watch this space...
This is Freya at gymnastics today, she was too quick for me to get a good photo!
Yesterday Freya and Esther both started classes with the 'Boom Boom Dance and Drama Academy' which they both lurved! At the end of the year they will be performing in a show (which I will lurve).
A moth that was on the wall of our carport when I got home, it is 8cm long!!!
I am on call this evening. There is a nurse on call for every shift in case an extra body is needed to accompany a patient being transferred to Paraburdoo airport for an RFDS flight out, or if the hospital gets bizzzy, or if a patient needs specialling. When I left today there was a patient in our resus room who is likely to need a transfer down to Perth and so I type this with my phone next to me. Ade is having a beer with a new buddy and so he is also on call (for parenting duties if I have to return to the hospital!).
A lovely little pressie for me at work today: a pot of lemongrass from Mary Mary, who is not at all contrary, but whose garden grows with all sorts of loveliness that I am envious of!

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  1. I love hearing about more about your professional life.