08 June, 2011

While I was sleeping

It's night-shift time again. I escaped the last lot because my folks were here and Jacinta (who rosters) is all kinds of considerate. Anyhoo, no excuses this time...
I don't mind night shift; I rarely have any trouble sleeping during the day, although I do use earplugs and have recently contemplated an eye mask since the gap in our bedroom blinds seems to be growing.
I feel an odd satisfaction in being awake while everybody else is in the land of nod and enjoy the decadence of getting into bed as the rest of my world rise out of theirs. The TP weather has (again) been unseasonably wet and cold so a day-time sleep has felt extra-luxurious.
These last nights were all the more agreeable since we saw barely a soul. The absence of patients is all the more incredible when you consider that, over long weekend, TP hosted BMX, Motocross, Speedway and Go-Karts. A broken collar-bone was the worst injury and they were kind enough to present during daylight hours.
Indeed, my night-shift experience could only be more pleasing if Ade had laundered the sheets each morning between him getting out of them and me getting under them; I will suggest this for my next set of nights (it all starts again on Thursday)...
So while I was sleeping:
Esther lost her first tooth!!!
It rained:
But that's OK because:
Splashing in puddles is lots of fun
The veggies grow like crazy!
Mermaids come out to play xx


  1. I like how patients "present". I wonder why we don't use that description for arriving at other places of work or service "My client presented with hair she had hacked herself with the nail scissors" for the hairdresser or "the child presented with homework unfinished" for school. Love ya work xxx

  2. Hope the tooth fairy remembered to visit you Esther. Kids growing up too quickly now!! Take care. Love reading your updates. Sounds like you are really enjoying life in TP. Gemma & Declan

  3. Nance, patients also "rock up" at TP hospital but feel free to further the use of "present" :)
    Gem and Dec, the tooth fairy remembered to put in an appearance (phew!), he left $2 which Esther was jolly pleased with. Doesn't seem all that long ago that Esther got her first tooth... growing up far too quickly xx