25 June, 2011

Dancin' at the disco

Since we have been here there has been gentrification afoot, TP is having an extreme makeover. Here's where we're at:

Urban revitalisation TP stylee.
I had dinner with the CEO of the Shire of Ashburton a few weeks ago (I know, we'll be accepting invites from Elton and David if we continue this rate of social escalation) who said that the works would be finished by the end of July. I am doubtful the deadline will be met (and I'd had enough wine to tell that to the CEO), I guess we'll see. Anyhoo, plans and a fancy-pants walk-through of the prospective upgrade are available at www.ashburton.wa.gov.au/building-and-town-planning/projects/. Freya asked me the other day whether I'd be pleased to see new coffee shops in Tom Price, I answered that I would be happy to have a decent latte. "So you want the country to turn into the city?"
... say what?!!
Ade was on a mission to Perth this last week, and so the girls have been making the trip to school from the hospital again, here they are setting off:
I snuck out early on Tuesday to watch the end of Esther's school gymnastics class; her gym teacher asked her to demonstrate a 'motorbike' landing to the rest of the class, she's so awesome!
Bad news: Henny, Penny or Jenny got picked off my Spike the (usually) gentle dog from next door. The girls were sad until I pointed out that this meant we had room for a chook that actually laid eggs.
...and then there were three.
Tonight the kids of Tom Price Primary school got down and boogied at their disco, as did some of their mothers (I can just about get away with grooving in public, in a year's time Freya will never speak to me again when I dance to the Biebs in front of all her friends).

Wait a minute, where's me jumper?
Work-wise I've had a quiet rather dull couple of weeks, brightened by a giggling Korean locum, a lovely pair of English backpacker-nurses who'll be cat-sitting for us when we go to Exmouth (2 weeks!!!) and a patient who sewed up his own chin with dental floss after a fall from a skateboard.


  1. would love to have seen the dental floss stitches!
    Looks like you're all doing well.

  2. He'd done a really good job, sterilised his needle with whisky!