19 June, 2011

Grub 'n' bub

Another largely uneventful week for the Jonkers (I kinda like it like that).
We have been eating:
Jamie's chilli cheese cornbread
Lou's patchwork of sausage, lentil and spinach (from the garden)
Jamie's bread pudding with chocolate beer sauce (dammit Jamie I'm off to Exmouth in a month and will need to grease myself up in order to get into my bathers if you continue to tempt me with all these carbolicious treats!)
Jamie's green chilli
We are attending:
Where daughter #1 will make her stage debut as Hedgehog #2
I wanted to be door bitch but more active members of the P&C get that gratification, instead I'll be selling soft drinks
Last night F, E and myself hosted a girls night in. Kerryn and Rosemary were last minute drop outs because they had to wait at the hospital for the RFDS doc to arrive and intubate a motorcyclist with nasty injuries (NB: motorbike vs camper van will always end badly for the motorcyclist, indeed motorbike vs pretty much anything is never good news for the rider, as Ade will testify).
Anyhoo, Mary Mary and Sarah (Neighbour/Colleague/Friend) were still available to celebrate the recent arrival of my Le Creuset french oven!!!
Isn't she beautiful? The Oyster Bay est tres beau aussi!
So I'm a bit besotted with my Le Creuset which I picked in 'flame' cos my mum's is the same colour and orange is nice and cheery in the kitchen! I made a chicken, tarragon, mushroom casserole (with a fair amount of Oyster Bay), it was delish. Freya made chocolate mousse from the Junior Masterchef Cook Book for dessert, it too was delish. And then baby A joined us, she is also delish!
2 cuties
Freya with Sarah, the NCF
Baby A, F and Mary Mary (also enjoying the Oyster Bay!) 

Happy Birthday Laura!! xxxx

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  1. hey, just on the food theme- the sour cream apricot cake out of the latest Womens Weekly (with Princes Catherine on the front!) is an absolute cracker and dead easy to make. Just make sure you leave it in the (in my case, scalloped bundt) tin for 5 minutes before turning out. Unfortunately, the efforts of Leyla and myself were wasted, when, in a hurry I tried to turn out too soon and half the top stayed in the tin......necessitating a quick trip to Woolies to get a chocolate mud cake for Iyus' birthday cake....! Also- Jamies 30 min meals- the pork chops with sage and honey- didn't bother messng around with it in the oven, just did it all in the frypan- very tasty! Love Liesl.