18 April, 2011

Week Wednesday

Penultimate day of term 1 and the entire Jonker family are just a little bit excited...MUCH!!
Today was Esther's Pre-Primary Easter bonnet parade and party, which neither of her parents were able to attend. I further cemented my rotten-mother status by forgetting to make the Hawaiian Pizza I had recklessly promised as Esther's contribution to festivities. In my favour, I had supervised the decoration of the Easter bonnet a week ago so, regarding the millinery, we were good to go...
Available to hire for royal wedding street parties
Strike a pose
Easter bonnet parade photos courtesy of Jo, a kind and thoughtful mum...who probably made muffins that were nutritious and delicious

Because I like to post pictures of food...
Fantastic dinner and company at Mary Mary's
F & E make new friends
Esther is always happy to try new things, today she tried a green felt tip
Busy, lovely hospital shift today. Great nurses, top doc. Motor bike accident with a bunch of fractures and then a baby! Beautiful birth and then I went home with my wonderful girls :)


  1. Aww easter bonnet parade, remember them when i was little...why can't our school do them :)) They look so cute! Good job on the bonnets. Hope you guys have a lovely easter xx...Gemma & Declan x

  2. Happy Easter to you too! Wishing you much chocolate and some fun-filled school hols xxxx

  3. Great job on the hats:) Tilly loves Esthers green tongue to lol! Happy Easter and holidays too xx

  4. Thanks Nads, Happy hols and happy Easter to the Smiths xo