21 April, 2011

Car, shop, dinos and dog

LFE are delighted to have A back in the Pilbara after his vehicle buying mission in Perth.
Mission accomplished. NB not a Saab or LRover! 
While the women of Australia's Eastern states have been surrendering their credit cards in Zara, the women (and children) of Tom Price were treated to similar commercial temptations...
Clearly I am suffering from the lack of spending opportunities in TP because, despite selling an enormous amount of c*@p, I (assisted by F & E) managed to spend $14 at the travelling Two Buck Shop!
Best buy...the fart putty
Today the girls engaged in some dinosaur petting, it started well...
Esther bonding with a baby Dryosaur  
Juvenile T-Rex, Esther was terrified at this point, there were tears 
As Freya has already mentioned, in her inaugural post, we are dog feeder-walkers. So far (2 days), so good; Spike has not been bitten by a snake or run off :)
On the oval near our house
Grandma and G are now in the same country as us!! 6 more sleeps until their arrival in TP :))

Rest in peace Little Nan xo


  1. Ha ha, you crack me up, now who wouldnt prefer the $2 buck shop over Zara! Im sure if Zara sold fart putty, they would do well lol! Although they have something in common, apparently their stuff is made off shore!

    Great news on the car, well done Ade:)

    Happy chocolate eating, Nads xx

  2. Mmmm, chocolate! Freya very disappointed with the 6 eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny, "only 6 eggs"!! Hope your crew fared better! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend xxx

  3. 6 eggs is alright:) Our kids did alright, I thought Easter Bunny was a bit skimpy this year but now wished he was a bit more skimpier as I really dont like them eating too much ! Its funny, you give them chocolate but then dont want them to eat it lol!

    We had a pretty quiet weekend, Paul was working on the car all weekend getting ready for our trip so we had to walk everywhere. The kids were very excited to get the car back today even if it was just to go to the shops for groceries! (And a gloria Jean coffee for me!)

  4. Nads, you are taunting me with all your talk of "shops" and "Gloria Jeans". When's your trip? Detour to the Pilbara? x

  5. Funny you say that! Where we are heading to is still blocked off by roads closed from the floods, they have one month to dry out and open for us or we cant get to Birdsville (although Paul said we'll go therought the Simpson Desert to get there which Im sure about with the kids) But Paul said "oh well we'll make new plans and do the Kimberleys if the roads are still closed!" Im sure we'll be right though, I think a Kimberleys adventure with a detour through Tom Price on the way sounds good for next year:)

  6. We can offer hot showers and real beds! Sounds like a great trip, bet the kids are excited!