09 April, 2011


A man was brought into our emergency department today after injecting himself with curry...
...he was in a korma*
In real life Micky the Radiographer and Early Shirley are both moving on (sniff), so we had a curry lunch on the veranda.
It was delicious :)
 There were no other children in attendance but the girls managed to occupy themselves:

 Freya took some photos of Kozzie and Max:
Esther had a cuddle with Mary Mary:
*Credit where credit is due, this is Shirl's joke (top gal, top nurse xo)


  1. Hmmm- I see some themes developing in this blog.....people coming and going from TP. But much bigger than that...FOOD! Keep up the good work! xo

  2. When I am doing nothing else of interest, I will at least be eating well! You should start blogging your dinners Lies, I know you eat well too x

  3. You are asking the technologically challeneged one to keep a blog?? I have enough trouble trying to post a comment to yours,never mind try to update my own ;-)