25 January, 2012

White Elephant

Several months ago I posted about the urban renewal afoot in TP. You can read about what is supposed to happen here. The grand plan, however, seems to have been shelved or is so far behind in its application that, I suspect, the local authority is hoping residents will have forgotten what was supposed to happen and be delighted with a new pavement. At this season's first rain, a sheet of water poured from the canopies covering the footpath outside the retail strip, prevented shoppers from getting into the shops and flooded all the businesses. As far as I know this hasn't been remedied and the last time I was in the post office they still had sandbags at the ready.
On the bright side, gentrification has brought me my first 'celebrity' siting in TP.
I am, just quietly, a bit obsessed with celebrities; my blog-roll is deliberately missing my most-visited sites and blogs because they are concerned with celebrities and I don't want you to know how shallow I am. Yet while the presence of the Channel 7 sports presenter at Scott and Kate's recent wedding guaranteed them a spot in The West Australian's (newspaper) society pages, it just didn't do it for me. Only A-list floats my boat. Geoffrey Rush walking along Adelaide Terrace was a coup for me: genuine A-list, (that's A for Australian of the Year). But the big names are few and far between in WA so we'll take what we can in TP.
Anyhoo, the siting was...da, da, daaahhhh... Josh Byrne....you know?! The ABC's Gardening Australia presenter in WA!! Having lunch at The Nameless Cafe no less. My sources (Mary Mary) tell me that he is submitting a tender for the landscaping of the new TP town centre. So while the revitalisation may be a folly, its landscaping will, perhaps, be innovative and sustainable.
Wanted: landscaper
"Mum, why are you taking pictures of the sandbags?"
Spot the (deliberate?) mistake

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