26 January, 2012

Australia Day

What a lovely 24 hours :) We enjoyed a Scots evening followed by a dinkum Aussie morning.
Yesterday we went to Chateau Mary Mary for a Burns Supper on Burns Night. We ate (modified) haggis, tatties and neeps in the grand style and with the grand company we have become accustomed to.
Tony delivers the Selkirk Grace, closely observed by one of the lassies.
3 lassies toast the haggis.
Mary busts out a poem. Gangsta.
Today is Australia Day, the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet in 1788 and the proclamation at that time of British sovreignty. It is also known as Invasion Day, and with good reason. I am quite uncomfortable with flag-waving jingoism and January 26th has long been my least favourite Australian public holiday. But...I am a joiner and a proud Australian and there is much to be celebrated and enjoyed about Australia and Australians, so that's the spirit in which I have enjoyed today :)
Free pool entry and a free bbq brekkie. Love free stuff.
Pilbara regiment. They drive...landrovers!
Our favourite ambo, Mr S.M., gets some well deserved recognition for his voluntary work. Good job Steve!
Esther and her posse watch the raft races. Her friend J's mum and I have discussed entering next year in a raft kept afloat by the inflated bladders of many empty casks of goon.
The giant inflatable got an outing. Esther made it to the end all by herself 5 times! Here is her first successful crossing in glorious 2D (imagine it's a flick book or scroll quickly!):
Finished! Yay Esther!
Cheese :)
Little Aussie poser.
Freya has a synchronised swimming lesson with the multi-talented Dr S.Giles.
Sarah shows us how it should be done:
Impressive, no?
Inspecting bloody great big tadpoles rescued from a puddle
  Happy Australia Day to everyone xxxx

p.s. The grown ups got a go on the inflatable too, Esther wasn't the only Jonker to make it safely to the end!


  1. I am in awe of your inflatable prowess. I bow down to your mad skillz!

  2. WOW! The amazing Jonkers and their water prowess!
    M&D xxx