08 January, 2012

Ladies headwear will be applauded

On January 1st 2012, Scott married Kate.
It was a sumptuous affair attended by a bunch of doctors, a Channel 7 Perth-onality, some very talented musicians and me and Ade.
2 hotties photographed with a special camera which makes them look as though they're standing in front of a fairground mirror!
The Quarry Amphitheatre at City Beach, it was an amazing venue. That's the oyster bar at the bottom on the right.
The steps were potentially lethal; twice I nearly broke an ankle and the bride almost didn't make it to her first champagne!
Kate: stunning and tiny.
Lounge and bar. Veuve Clicquot all night long, anyone?
The groom with my best-man
Kim and Jess were great company
Awesome party!
Scott was dead pleased we'd made the trip down just for his wedding and so were we; it was a great day, a lovely way to start the new year.
I hope that 2012 is a wonderful year for all our friends and family xxxx


  1. The hottest couple are oh so cool

  2. ...and suffering from a rare kind of dwarfism apparent only in photos taken on an iphone (but kind of you to say so!) x