21 February, 2012

Long time no post

I'm baaack!

Apologies and explanation:
Ade had his right knee replaced. He left us for 2 weeks and has returned with an impressive scar and a bionic joint. We missed him, bucket loads.
So I haven't been posting because I was a single parent and I didn't have time to fart let alone sit down at the computer. Please forgive me those who have already listened to my whinges about being a single parent; and to those who do it all the time, totes respect!

The other reason I haven't posted is because Ade took the camera-to-'puter cable with him and so I couldn't upload any photos. I recognise that photos maketh my blog, and so here's what's been happening:

There was a(nother) snake in the hospital. This one was a whip snake, the last was a king brown.
 Happily, there was a snake catcher not too far away!
  Shirley came to visit!
Sarah challenged Ray to 50 lengths in 50 minutes, you can read all about it here. (Yes, that's a vomit bag).
Sarah had a cheer squad.
The Pilbara has been putting on some spectacular storms and sunsets
Dr Giles has left Tompers :(  This photo needs a witty caption that I am not sharp enough to come up with...
your suggestions please.
Rosemary utilizes her third (and fourth) eye to see off a bullying magpie

Esther is still killing it in the pool.
A patient bought me flowers and wrote me a super lovely card. Where there is a three year old who needs intubating I can be counted on to make the doctor dinner; but where there is a nasty wound I am wonder- nurse!
Totes gorgeous <3


  1. Lou -- great photos, as always. Miss you guys heaps. I don't know what I was doing in the photo needing a caption! You will have to email me the one with me half dead in the pool and of my cheering squad. Can't wait to see you in CB!

  2. Sooooooooooooo jealous that you are all going to CB!! So gorgeous there. Glad hubbie home safe and well. Cant live with them cant live without them!! David just spent a week in hospital.Long story, developed shin pain, turned out to be a large abscess in his lower leg. I and D in theatre, recollected blah blah. Not managed very well in hospital. Now home with a reasonable sized open funny shaped wound. Self employed,,,more blah blah and bloody blah!!! Photo caption....."was it you who put that cute wee brown snake in my bed!!!!"xxxxxxJacqui.

  3. Part of the joys of surfing is so that I am aware of what is going on in Tompers ( It took me until now to work out that is Strine for Tom Price) Glad that everything is okay, make sure that he does his exercises. Looking forward to seeing you in Cyprus in April.

    Lots of Love
    Dave & Mary xx

  4. Sarah, miss you too, roll on CB, emails with photos en route.
    Jacq, poor David!! Joondalup?? Lol at caption, although "cute wee brown snake" is not a phrase I imagine Dr G would ever say!!
    Dave, CYPRUS!!!!!! Bring it!! xxx