28 November, 2011

Big Fish

Freya and Esther have had swimming lessons ever since they were tiny bubs. They are both confident and capable in the water and that gives Ade and I tremendous pleasure and peace of mind. 
We are pretty much regulars at the pool and now that I have met the 2 guys who take the aqua-aerobics classes I am keen to be even more regular. I don't want to be arrested for stalking, but I will try and snag a photo so you know what I'm talking about ;)
Y'all know Ade is V-P of the TP swim club (although he doesn't have his parking spot yet). The Jonkers have a season pool pass. This week and next both girls are doing school swimming, a lesson every day. Esther's regular swimming lesson is Monday, Freya's Wednesday. Freya also does swim-squad training Mondays and Fridays.
Freya has incredible technique and stamina in the pool. She is the youngest Tom Price squad member and last Friday she had to show the rest of the squad how to butterfly. Seriously...have you tried to 'butterfly'? I can't lift my arms out of the water, Freya can go for hundreds of metres, she's awesome. After her first school swimming lesson her teacher rang me to let me know that Freya was too good for her class and that they would be moving her to an earlier class in order to challenge her a bit. Today she helped coach the younger kids.
This is really just a 'brag post'. My girls are brilliant swimmers.
So there!
On your mark...

Awesome swimmer xxx

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