06 December, 2011

First world problems

Mum left yesterday.
*Big sigh*
Bye Grandma, see you next year xxx

The job I wanted to just slide into will be advertised next year, so no sliding, I'll have to do an application.
*Big sigh*
Still nothing from the PATS office about getting Ade down to Perth for his pre-op op on Friday.
*Big sigh*

But on the bright side:
School concert tonight.
I have a new friend. She is entirely gorgeous. She wrote me a sweet note and brought round this heavenly package of awesome stuff because she knew I'd be feeling sad today.
I have incredible friends xxxx


  1. GORGEOUS photo! It made me smile and cry all at the same time!
    love & hugs

  2. Sarah, have been very slack lately re: blog. But more gorgeous photos to come xxx

  3. Not only do I miss LAFE but as someone who has enjoyed the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a few of Louise's incredible friends, I also miss them! M xxx