16 December, 2011

LPK 1970s

I shall turn back the clock for a couple of posts in order to get in a few more pics of Grandma's stay.

The clock was also being turned back at the LPK where the theme for the Sunday lunch mum and I attended was the 1970s.
Our hosts were Mary-Mary and TC, our fellow diners were book club cronies, Beth and Mons. Mons managed to skip the '70s by being born in 1986. A trip down memory lane for the rest of us was a history lesson for Mons.
After our cheese and cocktail onions on sticks we sat down for a prawn cocktail starter. Happily Mary-Mary, while ensuring that we sampled the best in 1970s-style cuisine, did not make us drink Liebfraumilch.
Our main course was a splendid Crown of Lamb and dessert was a chocolate fondue. Mmmmm.
Well fed courtesy of the LPK. Gotta love a lunch that lasts until tea-time!

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