20 November, 2011

Don't put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington

Esther has been a member of the Boom Boom Dance Academy for the past 10 months. You may reasonably assume, if you have ever met Esther, that girlfriend loves herself a little bit of centre-stage. She is no wallflower. So I was surprised that she got so nervous before her performance. There were nerves to the point of feeling sick. 
I watched her walk onto the stage for the first time with the rest of the coven for her 'little witch dance', I watched as she walked straight over to her dance teacher with a worried face and then I watched as her dance teacher ushered her immediately off the stage. 
My first instinct was tears, my second fury (there have been several hundreds of $$$, yup hundreds, and a whole bucket of parental hours invested in the Boom Boom Dance Academy, not to mention how disappointed I knew Esther would be when she realised what she'd missed out on); but I have not spent my most recent night shifts watching Toddlers and Tiaras for nothing. I know what a stage-mother must do when her offspring baulks...yes reader, I dashed backstage and shoved Esther back on*. 
She did me proud, and once she realised there was a buzz to be got from dancing in front of an audience there was no stopping her.
Make-up application, possibly Esther's favourite part of the show
With her witchy BFF
The show Esther must go on! Taken from the wings. Stupid blogger randomly refusing to rotate my photos again, grrr.
Talented little witch!
Mermaid, far left
Curtsey after being presented with her participation award <3
I have super cute film clips of Esther as witch and mermaid in her matinee performance but I'm jiggered if I can work out how to make them play on blogger. I am rather going off blogger...

*Esther was cajoled rather than threatened: true story!


  1. So sorry I missed all this - was living it up in Perth. However, as Esther's underground stylist can I say the eco shirt for the makeup photo shoot is so - en trend! Mx

  2. Oh this made me laugh! Though I am saddened to hear that Toddlers and Tiaras has made it past North America and onto Aus. I swear Canadians aren't as crazy (unless it comes to hockey -- then the parents are insane). Sarah.

  3. M-M, that shirt is getting a workout since its resurrection, she also wore it to her cowgirl assembly! Sarah, next winter she wants to play soccer, so I will shelve stage-mother and bring on soccer-mom...be afraid!