23 October, 2011

TP Book Club

It's been a while between good books. I bought the latest Michael Connolly paperback in Coles but (while I luff Mr Connolly) this is snack-food literature and I was still hungry.
There's a good little library in Tom Price but my relationship with libraries is much like the one I have with Blockbusters and VideoEzy: they lend me things, I forget to return them promptly and then I have to pay more in late fees than it would have cost me to purchase my entertainment in the first place. 
And so I dropped in on my pals at Book Depository. I bought several books that Jen had recommended, she's usually spot on but I couldn't get overexcited about The Book Thief (so shoot me). This pile also includes a lend from Helen, another Coles top 10-er, A Perth purchase and a book my mum sent me which I have since discovered is a Christmas present for Freya!
While I get stuck in to this lot I will have to find time to re-read 'Red Dog', it's a shortie so a spare morning should do it, and think about some discussion points. This is in preparation for my first Book Club meeting. Below is the email I sent to other interested readers:


Thank you so much for your interest in a Book Club. I thought I'd better get this show on the road or it'll be 2012 and still no BC!.

So here's what I was thinking:

  • The first rule of book club is that you do not talk about book club. Kidding, of course! BC may grow, It would be great if it did. We may be the (hard)core but please invite other interested readers to join us.
  • The second rule is "anything goes" (in a literary sense!). The books we choose can be fact, fiction or anything in between and of any genre. I'm looking forward to reading other people's picks but if, for some reason, you don't want to read the chosen book, don't. Feel free to skip the meeting.
  • BC to meet every 5-6 weeks. I figure this is enough time to source and read the chosen book. The date and book for the next meeting will need to be decided at the preceding meeting (make sense?!).
  • Each meeting will have a 'host' who will chose the book and lead the discussion. We will take it in turns to host, I'll go first! The meeting can be at the host's house or, if that is not convenient, at a venue of your choice (pub, park, someone else's pad...).
  • BYO booze and some nibbles to share, host to provide softies. In case this wasn't clear, I think BC should be a happy, sociable event with as much emphasis on the 'club' as the 'book'. Wine is good, coffee and chocolate are also good.
  • At the end of each meeting the next host will let members know their book choice. That way we can immediately set about sourcing/reading the book. Any volunteers for host no.2? You'll need to have decided on your book in time for our first meeting.

So can the majority make the inaugural TPBC meeting at my place (3 Ingerup Pl) on Thursday 3rd November from 7pm?

RSVP before the date :)

My first pick for first book is....

Red Dog by Louis De Bernieres. It's a quick, easy, geographically relevant read that is (I believe) available from the tourist information place. I also have a copy that I am happy to lend.
Any of you book-clubbers? I'm happy to receive your hints and tips :)


  1. I'm in a book club that works really well. One thing I love about it is that the person who "chooses" the book actually chooses two, posts reviews, and then the club votes. I usually end-up buying both books. The books have been great (for the most part). When God was a Rabbit was last month's book. We also choose our books months ahead of time so we can share our copies with each other. Happy book clubbing!

  2. The Book Thief - how can that have left you cold? I loved Death - he has such compasion in his own sort of way. Pehaps my Irish undertaking heritage is responsible for this view?

    Will save this debate for a spare while and a good glass of something nice to lube discussion. Thanks for sending the AFE section this arvo. Mx

  3. M-M, thanks for having AFE and I thoroughly enjoyed the LPK take-away!
    Sarah, I'll put 'when God was a rabbit' to the top of my pile and we'll discuss in January. I'll let you know the TPBC choice for that month so you can come along, looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for your BC insight, such democracy!!