22 October, 2011


...kinda. The photos are upright but it took a fair bit of fiddling. Maybe I'll read the instructions on my new camera now :)
At home with Silke!

I love this photo, gorgeous baby E!
Esther makes another best friend!
RT and L xx
Me, Ains and any day now!
We did a few drive-bys of the old place in order to admire the garden, it was glorious...apart from the weeds which the agent assures us will be dealt with.

Busy time in Perth but it was great to see y'all. Much love (in no particular order) to: Tylers; Karl & Chris; Ti & Jay; Adam & Janine; Helen & John; LIL Ludgerus; the Ferndale mums crew and BCPS kids; Homelink posse; Early Shirley; Anita & offspring; Ains; Rooneys; Lizzie; Gem, Simon and E; Baxters; RT, JS and L; Uncle Trav. To those we didn't manage to catch up with...TP is an awesome spot for a holiday!

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