11 January, 2013

Twenty Twelve

Rewinding for a photographic catch up of the last 4 months of 2012.
Turned 30.        What?

Great colleagues
Nameless Ball, gorgeous gals

Esther's Nameless festival school exhibit. The caption said "My family is priceless because they are always nice to me. I love my family. They never get mad at me". Hmmmm.
Freya in the lantern parade.

I will never go on this ride again. F&E LOVED it.
Ryan with A. Prince Charming x2.

Bought a camper trailer. This is its maiden voyage.
TP Primary School sports carnival.

Esther. Year 1 Champion girl. Yeah baby.

Look out for the grammar police.
The Good Life.

KDs. B Grade Champions. We are boss!

New World Vision sponsor child by Esther. We hope being sponsored might cheer him up a bit.
TP sunset

Mutilated Ears pierced for her 10th birthday.

Mangoes from our tree!

Another year, another dance concert, another couple of hundred $$ on costumes.

Halloween disco. Despite appearances Freya's friend K is actually the sweetest child!
Perth pedi on a brief sojourn to the metropolis.

Catching up with old BFFs xxx

Me too xxx

M'boys with m'girls <3
Hospital resident.

A milestone for Ade.

Holy McMoly, them's expensive berries!

Enormously proud of Freya who won her class citizenship award this year. It is (and I can safely say this since Esther won the same award last year) the best award to win since it means that you are an enormously good person raised by decent and sensitive folks with superior parenting skills. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.
We were so lucky that both girls had excellent teachers this year.

Bought in TP Coles! Microwaved to death by Ade on Boxing day.

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