20 January, 2013

See ya later

M&T's back yard turned grotto
Tropical Cyclone Narelle proved Pilbara party-pooper last week when she prevented our old pal Shirley from attending Mary-Mary's for what was to have included a belated, combined celebration of Shirl and Esther's birthdays. Mary hosts an impressive do and we partied on regardless. Esther was the lucky recipient of a beautiful apron that Mary had made for her, the girls' Christmas gifts from M&T were also M-M originals. Mary's creative talent is impressive, we are all HUGE fans of M&T xxx
This made me snort. The girls and I had our hair cut at home this week by a 20 year old. I told her my name was Lou, she called me "mum".
This critter met his maker with the aid of insect spray and a fly-swat. I did not want him making himself at home in my car. When I was a student nurse on prac at Royal Perth ED I treated a woman who had had a car accident when she flipped down her sun visor and a spider fell into her lap causing her to swerve off the road into a fence. The nurse I was working with told me that she'd seen a few casualties from accidents that had happened in just the same way.
The O'Bs have been TP residents for 14 years. Esther and I will miss our friends, we wish we'd known you sooner and longer O'Bs.

Good luck in your next adventure O'Bs!! See ya later xxxx

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