10 January, 2013

Recent History

Gah...it has been too long. Back to blog...

Saw Grandma and G off today after their trip to Honkers and Tompers.  I cried (its my thing).

Here are some photos of their time with us:

We swam every day. Still amazed to frequently have the TP 50m pool almost to ourselves.

We ate well!

We ate a lot.

Carnarvon sunset.

Grandma and G's first proper Aussie road trip. We stopped at every roadhouse between TP and Kalbarri.

Ah, the sea! Kalbarri is a top spot.

Rainbow Parrot Jungle Paradise World. Ade pokes a cocky.

Grandma playing mini-golf. I swear no G&Ts had been consumed prior to tee-ing off.
Esther 'won' with the highest score ever recorded on the Kalbarri mini-golf course. She plays it like hockey or, as in this pic, snooker.
Oldies under a blanket at the outdoor movies.
Esther turned 7 in Kalbarri. SEVEN!!! Freya also celebrated her 7th birthday in Kalbarri. I think I'll come back next year for my 40th 37th.
Girls heavily crimped. Awaiting breakfast at The Gorges.
In the UK this is a pedalo, down under it is a paddle boat. It was not the only form of aquatic transport we utilised in The Baz. Despite Ade and I vowing never to canoe together again (after a disastrous and almost marriage-ending adventure on Moore River some years ago), we joined a 'canoe safari' on the Murchison. We were sans cameras but it was a cracking arvo. Sensibly Ade and I were in different craft, and so we remain married.
I might have mentioned this before but, I do like to be beside the seaside.

Back to Tompers.

Adriano Zumbo's Salted Caramel Macarons. From a packet (!), from Coles in TP (!). They were da bomb!
We hope you had a very merry Christmas and that 2013 is a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all of our friends and family xxxx xxxx


  1. Great to read! If I were there, you'd share the pool with me, right? Esther looks so much older than 1 year ago...where does time go? Missing you all heaps,

  2. We miss sharing the pool with you Sarah! xxx

  3. Grandma and G have been promoted to a higher swimming group after having swum every day in TP pool while they were there!