03 May, 2012


In the absence of all school friends Freya and Esther have been getting along like a house gently smouldering.
I am [*CONFESSION*] prone to a bit of yelling at my kids but (despite Ade's prediction) I haven't had to be too shouty this holiday, they have been very well behaved towards each other. I suspect this has more to do with them being so busy that they are too distracted or tired to squabble and less to do with mutual tolerance, respect and sibling love; as I mentioned in the previous post, we have had a full itinerary.
Water Balls in Street

Water Balls: not a cheap thrill

Excellent play ground in 100 Acre Wood.
Gotta love that team work
Football skills in Stubbington. Yeah, you heard me,  FOOTBALL.
Penalty, with Diane and Anthony.
A distinct lack of enthusiasm in goal.
Intech. Like Scitech, only not as good.
Grandma failing to defeat me with the power of her mind. We had no idea of the science behind this exhibit (and most others!) but it provided me and Grandma with the biggest laugh of the holiday :)
Another wicked play ground at Moormead Park, St Margarets (where, once upon a time, G  had a Summer job as park-keeper!).
Dancing Staying Upright (mostly) on Ice


  1. So pleased to see how much fun you're all having. Say hi to Grandma and G :-)

    Miss you heaps,Lizzie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Grandma and G return the "Hi". Miss you too xxx