05 May, 2012


This is my 14th year in Australia, so it's no surprise that most of my friends are Southern hemisphere dwellers. I think FB is the bomb when it comes to reconnecting with old mates, especially the UKC and Crabhill alumni, but with only a few weeks in Europe every few years I am never likely to manage a face-to-face with all my British pals.
However, there are a handful of dear friends who are easy company and spectacular value, whom I always try to see*, and they have all been on top form. There was also a phone-chat with an old Uni chum, a chance meeting with an old boyfriend and a brief York Road FB reunion- bonus!
We're in the middle of London, look how pretty it is!

T1 <3

T2 and T3. Are there cuter 3 year olds??

Freya takes a fiver off Cathy. Cathy will need to get smarter  before T1, T2 and T3  get to 9 or she will go broke!

Damn, it was cold. Love those tripolatas and their scrumptious parents xxx

Jen. We got pissed AND went to the Tate Modern. Classy.

Matt, Andy, Jen. We four were badminton buddies...I could tell you a funny story about that!

Now Cathy, THIS is a head hug!!
Wished that evening could have gone on and on but Jen and I had a train to catch...I could tell you a funny story about that!
Rog and Sue xx
Oi! Anyone going to rescue Esther? 
Esther is a sucker for a pretty girl and MissSE is one of the prettiest we know. She is also the only one of my current friends who knew me in utero...true.

*Apologies to Sian and family who I didn't catch up with this time round. We hope to return December/January 2013 and would love to come out and see you then?! In the meantime, if you're passing through TP be sure to come and stay xx

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  1. Thanks for the message - I thought I put a comment on here a while ago - too bad. Hope you had a good trip home, we are now in the UK - shame we missed you by a week or so. Love to see you in France next time - will keep you posted if we pass by TP!! Certainly love to make another visit to the southern hemisphere, just need to get ourselves organized. Love to all Siân and family