07 May, 2012

Is HP more fun than TP?

I had promised Freya a surprise while we were on holiday and for the first week she hounded me about it. Then we did so many new and exciting things, saw so many friends and family and had so much fun that she forgot all about the surprise.
Arriving back in GB after Cyprus we told the girls that since G had been so poorly and missed out on all sorts of Mediterranean adventures he should choose our first post-holiday destination. He decided that we would go to...SOLDIER WORLD!
F and E good natured-ly went along with this although, unbeknown to them and sadly for G, Soldier World does not exist. We were off to Leavesden studios for The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. Here's Freya (reading the 6th Harry Potter book) realising where we are:

Now, I am perfectly aware that not everyone shares Freya's fanaticism for all things Potter (looking at you JT!) but the studio tour was totes amazing. Both Grandma and G, who are NOT Potterphiles, have been boring the pants off telling anyone with functioning ears about the studios and what we saw there. It really was an incredible day out and comes highly recommended. 
Little bit excited.
Gryffindor Witches.
Freya learns to fly a broomstick.

Butterbeer, cheers!

All aboard the Knight Bus.



Diagon Alley.

Model of Hogwarts School.
Happy campers.

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  1. I was surprised at just how much Tony and I enjoyed the Harry Potter experience! It didn't persuade me to read any more of the books but left me regretting I wasn't the creative sort as working on the films must have been an amazing experience and privilege.