15 August, 2011

The week in review

Some things that happened this week:
Murdoch Uni Chiropractic students are in town and doing free whatever it is they do.
Freya has rather fallen in love with student Jennifer and has had a few sessions with her.

Lou and Ade are proud to announce that Freya has been formally recognised as "Gifted and Talented" and invited to join the school's Literacy extension classes. Not to be outdone Esther brought home a 'you can do it' certificate for her "fantastic attitude to her reading and all class activities. You continue to approach each day with enthusiasm and complete all activities to the best of your ability". Her teacher had ticked the 'persistence' and 'getting along' boxes, Ade couldn't believe the 'confidence' box was left unmarked!

I did parent roster on Friday and watched the pre-primary and kindy classes practice for the sports carnival which happens in a couple of weeks.
Esther triumphs in the hurdle relay
Hospital and Population Health staff (and their offspring) met down at the golf club to give Maree the school nurse (previously DON, CNM and more) a bit of a send off. She's been in TP for over 10 years and has made a mark, hers are big shoes to fill.

Esther was invited to celebrate T's 5th birthday on Sunday. Where there are presents and cake there is Esther:

Esther wobbled her tooth, and wibbled her tooth and then just pulled the darn thing out. The tooth fairy hasn't been informed yet because she is taking the tooth in to school today for her 'news'.
In other news:
  • Nameless 2 (my netball team) made the final four. We play our semi tonight. I am a bit amazed!
  • Simmos ice-cream van left town today, *sob*.
  • I have cut my hours so that I will only be working 8 days each fortnight. This is AWESOME news and probably deserves its own post!
  • We watched Hoodwinked Too and Red Dog at the drive-in. You must see Red Dog; take your tissues and enjoy a sweet tale and some Pilbara scenery. 
  • We are an aunty. Congratulations to Gem and Simon and big love to baby E. 
Awwww! xoxo

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