09 August, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

Last Saturday, in the midst of the Nameless Jarndunmunha festivities, the Jonkers attended an alternative event. Cinderellas and Cinderfellas who had missed the real Nameless Ball were invited to Maison Mary (and Tony!) for a sophisticated evening of sophistication. Unfortunately I drank too much bubbly to properly document the event on film, but it was a corker and a good time was had by all. I suspect fb had alerted Mary to my birthday, 'cause obviously I am too demure to purposely promote my special day ;) She had rustled up a Nigella choc cake for me. I heart Mary Mary.

Clapping games :)

It was a black tie event, I think A did quite well!!
While I dislike banging on about MY BIRTHDAY, I would like to thank all for your kind emails, fb messages, texts, phone calls, cards, pressies and general sweetness. I enjoyed the attention immensely and have, again, vowed to be better at celebrating all of your birthdays...perhaps don't hold your breath!!
Sunday saw us back at the fair, I think I must have driven Freya and Esther up the wall:

Freya flipped out:


  1. Looks like you are all having so much fun in TP Lou!

    Sparkles the magician is good fun!! Declan loved her shows and looks like the girls did to!


  2. I think Ade looks very smart!! I didn't think he owned a tie.........?

  3. Hey Gem, Sparkles was great and Esther was her assistant (I don't think the movie worked- I'll need to work on that!).
    Anon, Ade owns a whole suit with matchy-matchy shirt and tie although he was bullied into its purchase by yours truly.