30 July, 2011


'Big ups' to all the gorgeous friends and family we saw while we were back in Perth!!!
Freya and Esther hang out with Freya (the rat) and her babies, also enjoy a play with A, C and T!
Silly Mark, it's not that easy to keep Silke quiet!
Happy meal with C and K
Esther and Gem
Gem abandons gardens for gestation
Jackie Jakki Jacqui and Lisa
Lovely HomeLink lasses (and baby J!)
Alison and Marian (gotcha Maz...unable to escape the blog!!)
Jo and J, couple of cuties!

Ferndale mums await muffins

Cool cats

Pre-primary princess posse

Oka and Esther

"Hold your hand still you silly old fart"

Pop and grandies

Nan and Lou (N attempts a photo bomb)

Lizzie and N

Ade and Molly

F, E, W

BFF xo

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