17 July, 2011


The unanticipated meeting with a joey (while F was fishing with Ade) that prompted the wrath of Cyclone Freya on the Cape Caravan Park. Cyclone Freya, a category 5 storm, devastated our tent (during time-out) and we are still reeling from her force!
Hey look that's me!
Camping buddies, with beers.
Hmmm, they tried bait, lures, beach, jetty and...no fish. Bums, Ade's gunna want a boat now!
The weekend never ends in Exmouth
Mini-golf. Esther played it like hockey (dribbled the ball into the hole!). She got the highest score, 15 on a par 2 hole!
Surf's up
The closest the girls got to a whale shark!
Where's Wally? (Wally's a turtle).
Ade swearing blue he just touched a turtle
Rolling down the sand dunes

Disco too


  1. Are you all OK? Have you recovered from the cyclone? Did the tent survive?
    M xxx

  2. Hi, tent ok, storm abated. So good to see you, miss you heaps xxx