14 July, 2011

Jonkers in Exmouth; a camping adventure

It took us 6 hours to drive from TP to Exmouth which included a roadside wee stop and a lunch break at the Nanutarra roadhouse (where we cleverly avoided buying anything as it is the priciest servo in the whole wide world).
On arrival Ade and I instantly entered holiday mood by falling out over the erection of the tent. Putting up the tent is my least favourite part of camping. Once the tent was up we made friends and got on with having a brilliant holiday!
We are chuffed to be hanging with Adam and Janine, our bestest camping buddies; I am childishly excited by the sea; the girls have a bizillion new friends; Ade is flexing his fishing rod; the sun is shining and it is warm. *smiles*
Osprey nesting

Day 1: Before the sun shone

Sandy Bay

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