25 June, 2012


Y'all remember my book club? It is an excellent book club. We are RED club (Reading Eating Drinking). We take it in turns to pick a book and host a get together where we eat, drink and briefly discuss the chosen book. These are the books we've read to date:
Red Dog by Louis De Bernieres (me)
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (M-M)
Cocktails Under the Tree of Forgetfulness by Alexandra Fuller (Dr SG)
The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (Mons)
The Songmaster by Di Morrissey (Fi)
Grieve by Lizzie Wilcock (Beth)

Ours is a small but hard-core group of friends and readers. We are about to get a bit smaller and more hard-core with the departure of (founder-member) Mons, and our next book: Shades of Grey (with thanks to Mrs T). 

Mons arrived in TP shortly after LAFE and what she has managed to pack into 18 months makes us seem like a lazy bunch of stay-at-homes*.
Gratuitous Freya photo
Today we had a farewell lunch for Mons at the hospital. There were tears...
And presents...
Mons will be missed all over town. Personally I'll miss her as a colleague, a fellow RED and a netball team mate. We hope that Mons will fly up for future RED club meets and the Netball Finals, where the currently undefeated KDs are likely to end up!!
Stinky-Roo, honorary RED member.
Awesome RED women (sorry M-M, this was the only photo of the three of you!)
Cahhhhn the Bloooes!!  Team KD: killing it on the court, FO SHIZ!!
* If you'd like another perspective on Tompers, have a quick google of 'Mons does Tom Price', you'll find some great writing, hilarious anecdotes and pretty pictures!


  1. Though it's completely illogical (seeing as I left TP), I'm very very sad that Mons is leaving. Sniff, sniff. I also miss the book club. Hugs to all, SG

  2. Oh no Lou... this brought on a few more tears...Surely I'm dangerously dehydrated by now? There's so much I already miss about fabulous tom price! Love you ladies! Mons x

  3. I promise not to tell your Nan what you are reading next in your book club,(but you can let me know if it is any good)!