08 March, 2012


Y'all remember that Esther (and Freya!) were awarded honour certificates? Well, it transpires that when you are in Miss Keath's Grade 1 class and you get an honour certificate, you also become...Student of the week. This entails sitting on a special chair each morning and getting a special laminated certificate advertising what you like to do on the weekend ("go to the pool and draw pictures for my friends") and  your favourite food ("Coles [BBQ] Chicken and chips"). The certificate also proclaims: "Warm fuzzies about Esther" which include classics from Ano: "Esther plays safely in the playground". And Claire: "Esther keeps her desk tidy" (WTF, why is her bedroom so freaking messy then?!).

Side ponies are go!
I think maybe the Jonkers need Family member of the week. I nominate myself as inaugural family member of the week.
Warm fuzzies might include: Freya, "Mummy does a plausible Yorkshire accent when reading The Secret Garden to me"; Esther, "Mummy has planned and prepared heaps of nutritious meals for us, none of which contained Coles BBQ chook, but they were all delicious"; Ade, "Lou continues to do 95% of the housework, whilst also saving lives at work and attending at least 1 exercise class a week".
Ade and I continue to feel so proud of our children :)

In other news: Wound-er Woman strikes again and receives more flowers and chocs for her wound care excellence!!


  1. 14 hour, smilie super star RN and Mum. Now get them girls cooking from their "new",books. Mxxxxx

  2. Remember where you learnt those wound care skills!!!!

  3. Jo, the wounds of TP owe a great deal to the H'Linkers xxxxxx