22 March, 2012

Interschool Swimming

Today was the interschool swimming carnival. North Tom Price, Tom Price and Paraburdoo Primary Schools thrashed it out in the pool.
It became clear quite quickly that Paraburdoo's much closer proximity to the coast and the well known fact that they uncovered Poseidon's trident at the Para mine, has enabled their primary school children to develop gills and fins. What an incredible bunch of swimmers!
North Tom Price can also count a number of marine species among their pupils. But TPPS were not intimidated, even though they were a bit outnumbered, and did themselves proud. If there was a prize for sportsmanship they would have won it.
Freya swam in every race bar the breaststroke and placed 3rd in all her individual events! There is footage but, again, I ask that the sensitive among you turn the sound down, especially for the butterfly (3rd video) where she nearly took out second and I nearly herniated my larynx, if that's possible.

So that she doesn't feel left out, here is Esther at the pool a little earlier in the week:

Love and light to the mums of Ferndale and Willetton who yesterday lost a brave friend to a shitty disease.
Today I hug my girls extra tightly in memory of Claire and her children xxx

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