12 September, 2011

Sports Days

Both girls had their sports carnivals last week. Esther took part in the kindy/pre-primary meet where the kids balanced eggs on spoons, had a dress-up relay and everyone got a certificate of participation. Freya competed with the rest of the school where the stakes were much higher; there were ribbons on the line! Happily Freya scooped a bunch of ribbons and the girls were stoked because Miaree (green faction) were overall winners.
Freya 3rd in the long jump!
Esther (in green zinc), wearing her competitive face
Esther (unplaced in this race but came 2nd in the pre-primary girls running race held during the big kids' carnival- so she got a ribbon as well!)
About to lose her egg
Freya shows off her ribbons :)
Freya in the process of winning another "1st" in the 'diagonal throw' (or something) race

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