13 September, 2011


Jen* is one of my absolute besties but she is not my facebook friend. This is because Jen does not believe in facebook. She doesn't believe in blogs either and was scathing when I told her that I was blogging. She did look at LunaRover once (I insisted) and then texted me: "Right. I've scanned ur fecking blog now and wholeheartedly prefer a phonecall. Now don't ask again!". She's so 2003.
Me? I thoroughly enjoy reading other people's blogs. I have a long list bookmarked and check in with my absolute faves every day or two. I like recommendations so I'm going to try and find some time to sit down with Blogger and work out how to make LunaRover really specky and perhaps put on a blog-roll (ooohh!). Blogger and I have never really seen eye to eye so this will probably take me the best part of the next 6 months. In the meantime, I have attempted to tszuj up my own little blog by changing the font (yeah, weak, I know).
Anyhoo, the real point of this post was to give props to the delicious and talented Mary Mary who will be opening her Little Pilbara Kitchen very shortly. The good folk of Tompers are beside themselves at the prospect of a quality culinary establishment. Do have a gander at Mary's page and I'll be sure to book us the only best table in the house when you visit!

*This is her real name, I can use it because she won't ever read this and know I've been talking about her on the interweb.


  1. alas, the font shows up tiny in google reader but does force me to click through to see it in glory

  2. It is pretty. But you do know that using all caps like that is like shouting. THAT'S WHAT THE NETIQUETTE PEOPLE SAY, ANYWAY. Just sayin' :)

  3. Thanks SLM, I am aware of this piece of netiquette. However, since Walter Turncoat has no lower case and I am not known for yelling (just ask Freya and Esther, they'll confirm this- if they know what's good for them!!), I've had another tweak.

  4. I like it better now! As soon as my self-imposed personal super-injunction is lifted I will set up my blog-roll again